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Azure-related projects

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Mining Microbiome Analytics Platform

BGC Engineering, Vancouver, BC

Full Stack Azure Developer – October 2021– December 2022

  • Provided solution architecture and implemented POC for a new project for Mining Microbiome Analysis Platform.  Microservices architectural style and the CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) pattern. Heavy utilization of Azure Cognitive Search Engine and Cosmos DB.

  • The solution UI is comprised of several Microsoft technologies; a data collection application written in PowerApps to be used on mobile phones; an administrative website written in Blazor Web Assembly and Telerik controls secured by AAD, and a public consumer portal written in Blazor Web Assembly and secured by AAD B2C and structured using Clean Architecture (DDD) pattern.

  • The backend is composed of several Azure technologies; API gateway management service to collect the data from the UI secured by AAD, Azure functions for the microservices APIs, storage in Azure Blobs and table storage of JSON documents, storage in Azure SQL of relational records for analysis, and Cosmos DB.  Extensive use of Azure Cognitive Search index for fast web UI search.

TRADER Corporation

TRADER is known for their auto trader website

The company relies on the website development to serve buyers and sellers of automobile vehicles in Canada. It employs the highest standards in web applications development using the Azure cloud, Microsoft stack of technologies, and Angular.

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